Monday, October 14, 2019

Indiana Department of Revenue's INTIME & INTax Systems

Indiana’s Department of Revenue has embarked on the creation of an online e-services portal – Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine, or INTIME.  The portal enables Hoosiers to file, pay, view and manage their state taxes in one convenient location 24/7.  Services available in the portal are:

·       View past payments and returns
·       Electronically file returns and make payments currently submitted by paper
·       Amend returns electronically
·       Submit an Electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA)
·       View Correspondence, Send Messages, Update Names and Addresses

The first segment was rolled out in September 2019 and allows access to INTIME for the following:
·       Corporations (C, S and Partnerships)
·       Utility Receipts
·       Financial Institutions
·       Not For Profit Organizations

The other rollouts are anticipated to be as follows:
September 2020:
·       Food and Beverage Taxes
·       Sales Taxes
·       Out of State Use Taxes
·       Withholding Taxes
·       Other taxes
September 2021:
·       Individuals
·       Various Wagering and Gaming Taxes
July 2022:
·       Alcohol Taxes
·       Various Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes
·       Various Fuel Taxes
As each of the segments above are rolled out, taxpayers needing those segments are to use INTIME.  For more information, go to

Indiana’s Department of Revenue also has the existing system:  Indiana Tax or INtax.  This site provides services for those areas for which INTIME has not yet been rolled out and allows for management of various sales taxes, withholdings, fuel taxes, gaming taxes and other taxes.  The site allows for:
·       Payment of taxes
·       View payment history
·       Register and manage EFT accounts
·       Send secure messages to the Department of Revenue
Visit this website at  to view a tutorial and learn all that the site offers.

If you have questions, call us at (219) 769-3616 or email them to